Sci-fi news summary for Friday 16th January

Push Gun BattleBattlestar Galactica -- Want to buy a full size Colonial Viper?  Your chance is now.  Between January 16-17 the Auction Network are going mad on auctioning off real Battlestar Galactica props.  Not just any old prop either, some very cool and very iconic gear is included in this auction.  No need for me to list the items as there are far too many.  In fact, if you can name it as a prop from the show it’s probably in the auction.  These are the real deal, so if you’ve got some money to burn head on over to The Official Battlestar Galactica Props and Costumes Auction and take a look at what’s up for sale.  Oh yes, and don’t forget, the final eleven episodes begin airing today!

Terminator: Salvation -- McG has let more info out about Terminator: Salvation -- a lot more.  Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the first two movies, will be back.  Not in person, but doing a voice over.  Remember Sarah Connor (John Connor’s mother) was making tape recordings for her son in the 1984 Terminator movie?  Well these will be the recordings we hear in Salvation (freshly recorded by Linda Hamilton).  If that wasn’t cool enough, McG also hints that talks are underway for Arnold Schwarzenegger to become involved -- whatever it is it will probably be minor, but it’s looking like he will be involved in some capacity.  Rumors have it that there may be Terminator T800’s sporting Schwarzenegger’s face in the movie, perhaps using some form of CGI capacity.

In further Salvation news, there was some concern over Danny Elfman coming on as composer of the music for the film.  Rumor was there might be no use of the original signature Terminator theme.  McG has squashed this rumor by stating he loves Brad Fiedel’s original iconic Terminator music and so the signature theme will definitely be incorporated.  Finally, Bloody-Disgusting report that McG intends to end the Terminator franchise once and for all if he gets a chance to complete filming the entire trilogy.  He wants to bring a definite conclusion to the whole Terminator story, but of course it will only happen if Terminator: Salvation is popular enough to spawn the next two sequels.

Jericho -- Were you a fan of TV’s post-apocalyptic series Jericho?  What news could there possibly be on this long since canceled series?  Jericho fans prepare to be happy.  Although the television series was canceled over a year ago, according to IF Magazine it’s coming back -- to the big screen.  Product Jon Turtletaub has confirmed a full-blown movie is in the works and will tell an extended story that takes place beyond the small Kansas town that the television series was set in.

According to Turtletaub: “We’re developing a feature for Jericho. It would not require you to have seen the TV show, but it will get into life after [the] event on a national scale.  It would be the bigger, full on American version of what’s going on beyond the town in Jericho.”   Not a lot more information is available, but it looks like a tentative release date of 2010 has been set.

The War between Michael Bay and McG -- Honestly, this war has been a little overblown based on a very small comment from Michael Bay, but its fun to watch unfold.  Mostly its the fans that are at war with each other:  “My Transformer is better than your Terminator!” and “My Dad could beat your Dad”…that sort of thing.   McG has stated that he has spoken to Michael Bay about the shot Bay took at him over the perception of a ‘Transformer style Terminator’ in the Salvation preview.  McG’s joking response: “Well, I refer to the work of Michael Bay to eliminate what not to do.”  He emphasizes his comment was a joke.  What really transpired? The upshot is this: both men have agreed may the best man win at the box office.  I’d say given what a bad movie Transformer was, Transformers 2 has probably already dug its own grave.  Sure it will be remotely successful thanks to the child fan base, but my guess is Transformers 2 will succeed better on DVD this time around, whilst Terminator: Salvation will rake it in at the box office.

Fringe -- Although season two of Fringe has yet to be confirmed, Fox have indicated it’s more or less a given. Hot on the heels of this information comes J.J.Abrams (creator of Fringe) announcing that a future episode of Fringe is going to include giant slugs and that the giant slug episode will be the best Fringe episode yet.  Whilst Fringe has its annoyances, overall the series is shaping up to be pretty damn cool.  New episodes air on Fox on January 20.  Check out the main website in the meantime.  Or if you really want to ruin it for yourself, go read some season ending spoilers here.

-- Now this is cool and worth watching to wet your appetite for the upcoming super-powered movie Push.  It’s a telekinetic gun battle scene -- say no more.  Push could be one of the top movies of its kind in 2009.  Watch this and I’m sure you’ll be keen to go see it (although this is a bit of a SPOILER):

Telekinetic Gun Fight HD

Stream - Much like how Sanctuary began, Stream is an online sci-fi drama.  It stars Whoopi Goldberg (who played Guinan in Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Jodi Guinn, a woman who finds out what she thought were schizophrenic hallucinations are in fact past and future life events streaming into her mind.  The series is up to episode two and can be watched online at Fear Net.    SCI FI Wire have an interview with Goldberg here.  Goldberg is also in the news for paying tribute to the late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, identifying Roddenberry as the very reason she became involved in sci-fi.

She says:  “Other science-fiction movies you saw had no black people in them anywhere. Isn’t that something? I wanted to carry on that tradition. It wasn’t until I did Star Trek that people thought I could do sci-fi.”  Interestingly, Goldberg identifies her dream job as a permanent role in sci-fi movies. 

Watchmen -- Some promising news.  This week was meant to herald a court appearance for Warner and Fox to resolve the well known rights battle that has been underway.  The hearing was canceled, indicating both parties are getting closer to a settlement.  This is great news for fans who have been worried about Fox winning the fight and thereby successfully delaying release of the movie.  Nonetheless, I can’t help but hope Warner doesn’t cave in just to get its movie out.  I for one am willing to wait if it means Fox miss out on getting a cent.  They called it s--t.  Enough said.

Iron Man 2 -- I’ll keep this one short as it’s not confirmed.  Iron Man 2 may include Emily Blunt as the Black Widow.  According to Variety Blunt is the forerunner for the role although to the degree to which the Black Widow will feature in the movie remains unknown.  In the comics, Black Widow is a Russian spy sent to take down Tony Stark and his Iron Man alter-ego, but who later switches sides to The Avengers. 

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans -- There’s a new trailer in town, check it out:

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    [...] 9. The cast of Stargate: Universe continues to grow! They’ve added Justin Louis (Hidden Hills) to play Colonel Everett Young, the experienced Stargate team leader. Jamil Walker Smith (Hey Arnold) will play Sr. Sgt. Ronald Greer, a Marine with a temper. David Blue (Ugly Bette, Moonlight) will play Eli Wallace, a slacker genius. And finally, Brian J. Smith () will play Lt. Matthew Scott, the junior member of the Stargate team. Filming will start in the Spring with a targeted Fall 2009 launch. Source: SciFi Wire [...]