Don’t miss the Stargate Atlantis episode ‘Whispers’

Occassionally, very occassionally, you sit down to watch an episode of Stargate and are taken completely by surprise – such was the experience delivered by Stargate Atlantis’s seventh episode of the fifth season – ‘Whispers’.  From the very opening Whispers was, well, damn scary.   The Stargate team, or rather, Dr. Beckett and Lt. Col Sheppard and a whole new Stargate Team consisting of only women, stumble onto one of Michael’s laboratories, where genetic experimentation has created a race of creatures left behind because even Michael himself couldn’t control them.  They are held in stasis pods but a local, attempting to find his missing wife, inadvertently releases them…just before dark.

Without going into the detail, Whispers outright succeeded in delivering A-Grade horror sci-fi – in fact, it delivered the equivalent scarey factor usually left to movies like 28 Days Later and Legend with a little The Ring thrown in for good measure; the only exception being that the alien creatures in Whispers also have a few other nifty tricks up their sleeves, like oozing fog from their necks! 

Put simply, Whispers gets a 10/10 for horror sci-fi let alone an Atlantis episode.  It really was spooky, it really was frightening, and you really did sit on the edge of your seat wondering who might die next.  With a new Stargate team consisting of four apparently ‘guest star’ women, you knew that any or all of them could die.  The actual way it played out was, to my mind, brilliant, for at times you thought one of them would die, or all were about to die, only to find that wasn’t the case – that most end up simply kicking arse.  Most, except one of course, and the one that does die happens so suddenly as to make your heart skip a beat.

“One of the fun things about horror movies is that you never know who’s going to survive at the end! In this episode they’re not just ‘red shirts,’ they’re very interesting characters. I’m very excited about all four of them. Whoever survives the episode will be a great addition to the general roster of recurring characters!” said Executive Producer Joseph Mallozzi during an interview with   And that is good news, because the female team worked extremely well.

This episode was directed by Will Waring who should be proud of his work.  I love it when you sit down expecting medieval villagers or something along those lines, and get freaked out of your seat by horror storyline that is not only believable, but that keeps you on the edge of your seat for what seems a lot longer than 45 minutes.

A great episode, not to be missed.

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