DC reveals Wonder Woman’s new, updated costume

J. Michael Straczynski of the Babylon 5 fame has just taken over the Wonder Woman comic book, together with artists Michael Babinski and Don Kramer. Read the rest of this entry »

Justice for Justice League

Justice League finally seems to have been pulled out of the mess and is on its way to the production floor. Read the rest of this entry »

J. Michael Straczynski Gets To Guide ‘SuperMan’ and ‘Wonder Woman’

J. Michael Straczynski, the man behind the legendary comics and characters that won millions of hearts across the world is all set to guide DCU superheroes SuperMan and Wonder Woman. Read the rest of this entry »

‘Batman 3′ to Shoot Next Year?

Batman 3

Gary Oldman has dropped a Batman 3 bombshell at the San Diego Comic-Con that offers all sorts of ramifications for fans of DC Comics.

Whilst fielding questions at The Book of Eli panel, Oldman was asked when the third Batman film would be out to which he replied:

“The next batman is next year, so I think it is two years away. But you didn’t hear it from me.”

Up until now reports have indicated Batman 3 was in limbo and not looking like going ahead any time soon.  Whilst Christian Bale is under contract for the film, director Christopher Nolan has reportedly yet to commit to directing the third movie.  Oldman’s statement is the first anyone has heard about production of the film getting underway in 2010.

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An Update On Future Films Based on DC Comics

The horizon is littered with films based on DC Comics

Many DC Comics based films on the horizon

With the recent success of The Dark Knight the scene has been set for a future filled with films and TV series based on DC Comics.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s on the horizon:

The Losers – an action/adventure drama starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans.  Filming will begin this week.  Scheduled for release April 16 2010.

Jonah Hex – a supernatural Western starring Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich.  Filming is wrapped. Scheduled for release August 6, 2010.

The Green Lantern - the next huge superhero flick from Warner Bros. starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan aka the Green Lantern.  Scheduled for release June 17, 2011.

Human Target - a new Fox TV series starring Mark Valley as a bodyguard who impersonates potential victims.   Premieres January 17, 2010.

Red – an action thriller based on the Wildstorm comic to star Bruce Willis.   No release date yet.

The Flash – script from Dan Mazeau about a man who gains the power to move at super speed. No director attached but still aiming to release the film in 2011.

Aquaman - a super hero film about an underwater breathing super-powered Prince.  Warner Bros. are currently taking pitches.

Adam Strange - a human is teleported to another world where he becomes a hero.  Too early for details but will be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way.

Bizarro Superman – a bizarre being capable of cloning takes on the form of Superman. Being written by Galaxy Quest writers David Howard and Robert Gordon.

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Is Bridget Regan The Ultimate ‘Wonder Woman’?

Bridget Regan in a scene from 'Legend of the Seeker'

Bridget Regan in a scene from 'Legend of the Seeker'

Megan Fox was, for a time, rumored to be the leading candidate to take on the role of the long-running DC Comics character Wonder Woman in Warner Bros planned live-action feature film.  Megan Fox subsequently shattered that rumor by publicly claiming Wonder Woman was lame.  Since then Wonder Woman fans have been wondering, who now?

Legend of the Seeker fans think they have the answer:  Bridget Regan.

If you have seen Legend of the Seeker then it would be immediately apparent that Bridget Regan is an actress who certainly has the right qualities for the role of Wonder Woman: she’s stunning to look at, a superb actress and if her numerous Legend of the Seeker fight scenes are anything to go by, she’s definitely got what it takes to deliver Amazonian toughness.

Recently Super Hero Hype set up a poll to determine who is the fan favorite actress to play Wonder Woman. Voters have the choice to select from 20 potentials (more if you count ‘other’).  At the time of writing this article the top 3 contenders are Cobie Smulders (30.11%) with Bridget Regan and Taylor Cole currently drawing second (20.43%).

Back in 2007 Joss Whedon had been hired to write and also possibly direct the proposed Wonder Woman movie and way back then Cobie Smulders was said to be his top pick.  The story goes Joel Silver, the producer of the proposed film, was also keen on Smulders.  Although Whedon is no longer connected to the project, it remains possible that Smulders’ name remains on the filmmakers lips – it’s certainly still on the lips of the voters over at Super Hero Hype.  But clearly so too is Bridget Regan’s – whom only a year ago was a complete unknown.  Perhaps, if given a little more exposure, it is possible Bridget Regan would become the fans no.1 pick.

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Megan Fox Can’t Fathom Wonder Woman

Megan Fox as a lame 'Wonder Woman'

Megan Fox says Wonder Woman is "lame", yet she still looks the part...

Megan Fox has shattered all rumors that she may take on the iconic role of Wonder Woman.  Speaking with FHM magazine, Fox gave her opinion on the DC comic book heroine in no uncertain terms.

“She’s lame,” Megan told FHM magazine. “She flies around in an invisible jet, but she’s not invisible. I don’t get it.”

We can’t really argue that and in fact agree that her decision to star as the water controlling super-hero Aspen Matthews in the upcoming Fathom is a better choice for her (especially considering her background as a potential olympic swimmer).

Fathom, based on the Top-Cow comic, is a Jason Bourne-style story that follows a girl who is adopted by a military man after being found on an abandoned ship.  She becomes a champion swimmer and marine biologist, but once she gets older realizes she is part of an underwater humanoid race that can control the power of water.

Fathom will be released sometime in 2011.

Interestingly, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have tenatively scheduled a live-action Wonder Woman feature film for release in 2011.  Now we have no idea if this will still eventuate or not, but given Fox’s comments, it would certainly be amusing to see Fathom go up against Wonder Woman at the box office.

And if you’re wondering about the photo above, visit Wonder Who to learn more.

Source:  ShowBizSpy

Warner Bros Taking Pitches For Wonder Woman


According to a report on IESB, the wheels are turning at Warner Bros. for the production of a live-action film based on the DC Comics character, Wonder Woman.

From IESB:

There was a regime change late last year over at Silver Pictures, Andrew Roma is now the man in charge and will be the man spearheading the live action Wonder Woman project along with mega producer Joel Silver.

Sources in the Burbank studios have confirmed there is quite a bit of movement on the WW front. With Green Lantern going into production this year, it looks like Princess Diana may finally get the go ahead from WB.

WB and Silver Pictures are in the early stages but they are eager to get started on the movie. Sources tell IESB that WB is looking for new writers on the project and have been taking pitches the last few weeks.

Way back in 2005 the reigns for the script to this movie were handed to Joss Whedon.  In 2007 he walked away from the project after failing to come to an agreement on the script with Silver Pictures.  Silver purchased another spec script that had been written by writers Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland but announced they wouldn’t produce it as it wasn’t written for a modern setting (they apparently purchased it to stop any one else from getting their hands on it).  Jennison and Strickland were again hired in 2008 by Silver to produce a modern script, and since that announcement no further news on the script has been forthcoming.

If IESB’s rumor is correct, then it would appear Silver Pictures are passing in on Jennison/Strickland’s modernized script too.

DC/Warner nonetheless are aiming at a release date of 2011.