‘Prelude to War’ Ballet Premieres in Germany

prelude to war

Last Friday saw the premiere of the ‘Prelude to War’ ballet in Germany -- a ballet performance based upon Bear McCreary’s Battlestar Galactica track of the same name from Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica.

The ballet was performed by the dancers of the Theaterhagen, in Hagen, Germany.  The choreography was by the resident choreographer Ricardo Fernando, and the orchestra was conducted by Bernhard Steiner.

Of course, I wanted to write ‘World’s First Battlestar Galactica Ballet‘ as the title of this article -- but I didn’t out of respect for Bear McCreary.   According to a blog post by the man himself, NBC Universal only agreed to allow him use of the Battlestar Galactica music in the ballet on the basis that at no time would the name Battlestar Galactica appear in the title.

Visit Bear McCreary’s Blog Post for me.

Names aside, the ‘Prelude to War’ track is superb.

Listen to the track in question (which is fantastic) put to clips from Battlestar Galactica:

And for some madness, check out the high quality version of the above clip (warning, its a 220MB Quicktime Movie..but it doesn’t auto play):


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