Ronald D. Moore Talks ‘Caprica’

Ron Moore's not ruling out a Tricia Helfer appearance in 'Caprica'

Ron Moore's not ruling out a Tricia Helfer appearance as Six in 'Caprica'

Creator Ronald D. Moore has spoken with Crave Online about the upcoming Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica, divulging a few tid-bits about what fans can expect from the upcoming series which, he adds, will change considerably from the pilot.  Amongst his commentary comes a great tease to fans of Battlestar Galactica – whilst he states there are no plans for Tricia Helfer to appear in the series as an early Six, he’s not ruling it out.

Crave Online: Where do we pick up Caprica as the season begins?

Ron Moore: Well, the place where we pick up Caprica is that Caprica is just one of 12 colonies, all of which tend to have a relationship with one another but tend to war with each other now and again. It’s not a unified nation state so much as it is 12 colonies that have squabbles but trade among each other. The cylons represent sort of a breakthrough in technology on Caprica but the Vergis company is certainly on the same path on Tauron. There’s probably a couple other places of high technology that exist in 12 colonies, but essentially they’re all on the cusp of this breakthrough.

Crave Online: Any chance we could see Tricia Helfer as an early version of Six?

Ron Moore: Well, you never say never but we don’t have any plans for that at the moment.

Crave Online: Has it changed a lot from the pilot movie?

Ron Moore: Yeah. The pilot’s a very specific story and then from that story, we’ve really expanded outward and brought some details that are surprising to some of the characters. Some things that we didn’t even hint about in the pilot, you then discover oh my God, that’s who that character really is, or that’s a different part of their character I didn’t suspect existed. Others we double back and you’re like oh, I thought they were going this direction. They’re actually going that direction. There was an effort to sort of change up the game a lot as we went into the series.

Read the full interview here.

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