Six New ‘Caprica’ Promo Posters

Syfy have released six new promotional posters for Caprica.

Check them all out after the jump.

Caprica will premiere on Syfy Friday, January 22nd 2010.

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2 Responses to “Six New ‘Caprica’ Promo Posters”

  1. Callahan said:


    The ending is already known, God Did It

  2. Michael said:

    Actually, she looks gorgeous!! She keeps men being men!! I watched the opener three times and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully, the series will be as good as the pilot!!

    This series could go anywhere and that is the exciting thing about this program. AI(artificial intelligence) could be programmed for good or bad and we will see where it goes.

    Look forward to this series. Hopefully, it will not be boring and forget that the audience wants entertainment as well as thought provoking episodes. Do not focus on being a “smart” series. We as audiences are a fickle lot!!