Eureka not what it used to be

Season 1 of Eureka was excellent. Season 2 of Eureka was excellent. The Sci Fi channel were calling Eureka their number one science fiction show and, if you ignored the existence of Battlestar Galactica, I thought it was a fair call. At least, the ratings made it a fair call. Then, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, came season 3.

Having just watched the third episode of season 3, “Best in Faux“, I’m left wondering – did they change writers? There was a writers strike after all, so perhaps yes, perhaps they did. We know the writers strike apparently lead to Eureka being commissioned for 21 instead of 13 episodes for season 3. Perhaps the rush to produce more quantity has led to the unfortunate side effect of less quality. It seems the only possibility, since a quick check shows its the same writers. It’s the same actors, it’s the same characters, and its the same writers. But somehow, the show isn’t the same.

Eureka currently isn’t what it used to be. Instead of a nice, cohesive and ongoing storyline spread with enjoyable character driven humor, it now seems to be a try hard comedy with impossible to believe scenarios. After looking forward to Eureka for almost a year, I have to say, I”m quite disappointed. I also have a friend who had listed Eureka as her favorite television show for its first two years, but like myself, has watched the first three episodes of season 3 and asked, “What’s going on?”

I could go into a range of reasons why each episode has under delivered (that’s professional lingo for ‘it sucked’). I kept saying to myself all the way through, “Just enjoy it,” but seeing Allison attend ‘mud scene’ in her wedding dress that she couldn’t remove because of an electrical malfunction was, well, plain stupid. Horrid even. Yes, I still managed to get a few laughs here and there, mainly thanks to the excellent banter between the actors, but the storylines so far have really sucked.

My friend summed it up with this: “It’s gone from being my favourite show to…to….something.” The next episode is titled “I Do Over” and has something to do with Carter living a kind of Groundhog Day of Allisons wedding. Hmm, I have to say it sounds awful. I’m not looking forward to it like I should be. Hopefully I”m alone with this viewpoint and others are at least experiencing the enjoyment that I thought Eureka would season 3 would bring. Hopefully. And yet, there’s that doubt again…

Heres that god awful wedding dress scene….

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