Eureka Returns But With A Very Long Catch

Colin Ferguson and Salli Richardson-Whitfield in Eureka

Colin Ferguson and Salli Richardson-Whitfield star in 'Eureka'

The good news for Eureka fans is filming has completed on the second half of season 3 and the previously listed premiere date of July 14 (on the IMDB) has recently been updated to July 10.   I’d say that’s a good sign of confirmation for when we can expect its return.

It’s not all good news though – watch this Sci Fi Wire interview with Eureka stars Colin Ferguson and Salli Richardson-Whitfield.  In the interview Colin Ferguson spills the news that there’s going to be an 11 month wait before they start filming season 4.  That’s more than a year before we can expect the first episodes of the fourth season.  Arg…

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31 Responses to “Eureka Returns But With A Very Long Catch”

  1. raze said:

    please hurry up with season4.
    You have many fans in Australia.
    We are waiting.

  2. amg&csg said:

    Happy to have Eureka back … Should have came back sooner hope to see many more seasons of this awesome show. Best show on SCI FI… Hands down!

  3. Rob said:

    Here in Canada We absalutly love the show if we could get more episodes and shorter times in between you would keep peoples interst We are HUGE fans love all the cast,

  4. gary said:

    please hurry up with season4.
    You have many fans in Australia we cant wait

  5. AB said:

    Please dont stay off too long or some of your followers may find something else and that would not be good….

    I am looking forward to the next great season….
    Keep up the good work…


  6. Robp said:

    Love the show Best show ever we need more Scify shows that is good for the whole family do not let us down network SYFY

  7. Marc said:

    To entire cast/crew and writers, producers and directors of Eureka, you have a wonderful quirky show that has endeared itself to many fans and to me as well. If there is any way to close the hiatus gap, please do so.

    I am already eagerly awaiting next week’s episode and the unfolding character story arcs for the rest of this season. Huge fan of Carter, Zoe, Vincent, Fargo, Henry and Allison. I love Tess and the shake up she gives Carter, he needs that and I hope she does more and stays. “Calling all dead people…Love meeting in the Rotunda”…gotta love her.

  8. Dan said:

    C’mon Sci-Fi, Eureka is the best show you have !!!!! Why don’t you prioritize the filming of one of the best shows on TV rather than those awful B-movies you guys seem to churn out every 15 minutes.
    PS: By the way, SyFy is the stupidest name ever

  9. Leonard said:

    When will season 4 air? We all need our Eureka fix here in Texas. There are very few good syfi shows out there.

  10. Traci said:

    Are they going to bring Stark back??? please please please get Ed Quinn back in Eureka!!!!

  11. Dave Fawcett said:

    This show is one of the most intriguing shows on televsion,from the moment i first watched it i knew that i would love it, and i do,i hope that we get at least a few more years of Eureka.Some of my favorite shows like firefly and the dresden files were shortlived and they were very good shows with great characters.Eureka has that, the characters are very amazing and the story lines are totally whack,i mean that in a good way,i can’t wait to see more.Keep up the great work…

  12. munkeemaster said:

    Time’s a wastin’… let’s go season four should be done asap. We aren’t too patient here in Wisconsin. I would really like to find out what’s gunna happen next. I’m also impressed w/ the Physics you put in Eureka. I was taking college Physics in High School, so I’m a big fan. You should keep up the good work and research more Physics. It’s pretty interesting when you take the time to learn and understand it. SEASON FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Markus said:

    I so cant wait, I wish i had an timemachine! must have season 4!!!
    best show ever, keep it up for 10 seasons(or more) and my life is saved :) you have many fans here in Sweden so keep up the good work
    Love Ya!!

  14. ad astra said:

    You have many fans in Russia! ^^
    Thanks you for Eureka.

    When will Eureka season 4 start?

  15. Kugler Kevin said:

    We waiting for start season 4 beacuse evrybody like in Hungary :D
    Just hurry!! :D

  16. Kriux said:

    omgomg it needs to be eleven months NOW. Hopefully Nathan will be back in one of those 22 episodes too!

  17. Kugler Kevin said:

    I think Nathan will be back. It’s 100%!!!


  18. Sebastiaan said:

    I can’t wait! It’s such a good show. And if they want to take an 11 month break I say they can. Give them some rest, I wouldn’t want them to get too stressed out filming all the time ;-)

  19. PHREAK said:

    LOVE the show and everyone i´ve shown it to has fallen in love too.
    Give Denmark the fix it so desperately needs!

  20. Elvenrunelord said:

    Do you see a trend here?

    The trend is for these type of shows to appeal to people in many different English speaking countries and yet most networks only count those in the country or origin.

    Sci-fi producers are sitting on a global gold mine and don’t even recognize it yet!

  21. terilynn1967 said:

    We really love Eureka and can’t wait for Season 4 to start. It has become a favorite of our family so please hurry and start back up.

  22. Anders Jespersen said:

    As many people already have written it is a very great show – and a helpful one. It’s a great relief to watch an episode when there’s a lot of things going on doing my study.

    Thank you actors, writers and people involved!

    - Anders Jespersen, Denmark

  23. arnold said:

    Love the show, can’t get enough of it. Please hurry up with it. Just wondering if Carter and Miss Blake will get together?

  24. Boggs said:

    My husband and I have been waiting for Eureka to start back. We are really excited for it to start. It is the best show on Syfy as far as we are concerned……

  25. Doru said:

    We want season 4 too!! Doru / Romania

  26. Jeremy said:

    Please hurry up with Season 4 this is the best show on tv even here in the US.

  27. James said:

    Speaking for my Family;

    Eureka, is the best show on TV!

    Jim, Sue, & Miles

  28. Bjørn said:

    i cant wait to see season 4 of eureka, i have been watching season 2 and 3 in 1 week now…best show i ever seen! :D
    “still love that 70’s show too”

    From Bjorn in norway!!

  29. Huireka said:

    Best show ever! Great actors and writers!

    Greetz from Austria

  30. machy said:

    This show is so good that I don’t know why they don’t make it sooner to happen! Especially this shot right in my own city :D

  31. Wanda said:

    OK,I like Eureka, it seems like there should really be a place like that, it’s so out there.

    Hey fans Being Human is also wonderful.